Owned and run by Yvonne Lucas, Senior Psychotherapist & Advanced Yoga teacher, we offer a safe & welcoming, relaxed and inclusive Space, where you can slow down, soften and take some time to nurture yourself.

Our Name

The Lotus flower symbolises rebirth and purity. This is because the lotus rises from muddy waters and blooms as a brilliantly pure, gorgeous flower. The lotus is also thought of as a symbol of human consciousness on the path to spiritual enlightenment, or the journey through muddy waters towards Self Actualisation. We believe there is a Yoga to suit everyone, from the very gentle, soft and meditative - to the more dynamic and strong. You just need to find the style that's right for you, for your body, mind and the life you're living at this time. When you find what's right for you in this moment, you can embrace the practice, with confidence and self-acceptance... so that Yoga can work its magic for you, and become a resource to support you in your journey through lifes joys and challenges.

Slow, Nurturing, Yoga for You

Whilst not every yoga class will suit every-body, we believe there is a yoga style and class to suit everyone... you just need to find yours.

We specialise in the slower and more nurturing and therapeutic styles of Yoga, and our schedule includes Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, & Mindfulness. What you want and need from a class may change over time, or even from day to day, depending on what life is presenting to you, and this is reflected in our class schedule.

Our goal is to help you increase your sense of wellbeing and connectedness, to feel at home, and at ease, within your body and mind. We aim to help make Yoga & Mindfulness accessible, achievable and enjoyable for everyone. Whilst we welcome and cater for all levels, beginners starting their yoga journey are especially supported.

Mindfulness, Meditation & Relaxation Classes
Yin Yoga
Spa still life with burning candles,zen stone and bamboo mat reflected in a serenity pool

Our Mission is to help you find Your Yoga, Your Way...

The intention of all Yoga is to unify your mind and body and bring us to a space of Oneness and Acceptance.

Our aim is to offer a Yoga & Mediation teaching from a true Heartspace, one that embodies Yoga's true spiritual potential - to connect us to ourselves, and others, whilst offering healing & unity to the body and mind.

We offer this by encouraging Self Compassion and Self Acceptance both during, and through, the practice. This means respecting ourselves as individuals,  with individual bodies, acknowledging our limitations and potential, in any particular moment. We aim to do this by teaching in a way that is approachable, compassionate, and down to earth.

We encourage a personal connection, humour, openness and lightness as part of each class, whilst respecting professional ethics and 'technical' alignment considerations. We offer a gentle and encouraging space for your body & your mind... not 'one-size-fits-all' bootcamp.

Its Your Body and Your Mind, and we invite you to explore, discover and embrace this to find Your Yoga, Your Way.