Developing Mindfulness through Yoga & Meditation

Developing Mindfulness through Yoga & Meditation

Mindfulness has many well known benefits, including stress and anxiety reduction. What’s less well understood, is that it has been clinically validated, that the skill of Mindfulness is best learned through regular Mindful Yoga & Meditation practice. Most Mindfulness courses include Hatha or Gentle Yoga & Meditation practice, and most people love this practice and benefit hugely, although they may not have realised when signing up that this is what a Mindfulness course involves!

Here’s why… Yoga & Meditation provides a route to healing for the body and the mind. There are huge benefits in terms of stress, depression & anxiety management. Over time other psychological benefits include improved mood and self-esteem, better relationships, better self-awareness, compassion, and an enhanced sense of wellbeing. Physical benefits include increased flexibility, strength & balance, recovery from illness & injury, better sleep and increased energy… and much more.

Yoga is helpful for almost everyone, and there are many different styles. It’s not all about headstands and acrobatics, and its never too late to start. At The Lotus Loft we offer a variety of Yoga class styles to cater for all ages and levels of fitness and flexibility. So whether your preference is for a gentle, meditative and relaxing class, or a stronger more dynamic active class, we have something to suit you. All our classes include Mindfulness practice that is especially helpful in reducing stress and tiredness that results from the pressures of everyday life. Classes leave you nourished, soothed, deeply relaxed and well exercised, yet rested. What’s not to love!

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