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Benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation

Enjoy these Free Online Meditations to help you develop the skill of Mindfulness. Mindfulness helps you learn to be more centred, to quieten your mind and stay focussed in the present moment. It helps you to develop the skill of choosing and focussing your attention so you can more fully experience, accept or enjoy what is going on in the present and to be more connected both to yourself and the world you live in.

Mindfulness practice helps you to escape the constant self talk and mental chatter that often preoccupies us, causing endless stress, and helps connect you to your true or authentic self. It helps you achieve more clarity and focus, deep relaxation, stillness, and peace.

Mindfulness is now the fastest developing area in mental health. The clinical benefits of Mindfulness have been demonstrated for many psychological difficulties including stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, substance abuse, PTSD, insomnia and OCD (Irish Mindfulness Institute).

Mindfulness has also been proven to help reduce blood pressure and support in the treatment of many medical conditions.

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About our Mindfulness Meditation & Relaxation Classes

Our specially designed and practical classes incorporate a variety of proven techniques for reducing Stress & Anxiety, and achieving deep relaxation & inner calm – physically, emotionally and mentally.

  • Mindfulness techniques help you learn to quieten your mind and stay in the present moment
  • simple and effective Meditations connect you to your true or authentic self and achieve deep stillness, and peace
  • Relaxation exercises & ‘better breathing’ techniques will help to reduce stress & anxiety and let go of tension
  • enjoyable Guided Visualisations take us on a visual journey to a peaceful calming place or situation

This course is ideal for complete beginners, as full instruction is provided, but those of you who wish to deepen your meditation practice and expand your repertoire of relaxation techniques will also benefit.

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