Sarah Mathieson - Massage & Reflexology

I believe strongly in the therapeutic value of massage and its importance in maintaining health and wellbeing.  

I have worked in the area of holistic massage therapy for the past 5 years gaining vast experience working in holistic areas. 

I have diplomas in therapies such as Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Indian head massage, Thai Yoga massage, Lomi lomi Hawaiian massage, Swedish massage, Sports massage, soft tissue release and Pre and post-Event massage.  

I will soon have completed a course in Neuromuscular physical therapy at NTC Dublin and hope to qualify in October 2021 as an NMPT, specialising in the treatment of soft tissue pain and injury.  

In my sessions I use a variety of therapies and techniques based on the client’s needs. Each treatment will be tailored to the individual to achieve the desired result.  

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Sarah Mathieson


Reflexology is a therapy that uses the feet as a map or mirror of the whole body. A non-invasive therapy that addresses reflex points in the feet to stimulate, treat and balance all the systems in the body. A very relaxing and healing treatment.

50 mins €55


Gua Sha stone facial massage, including neck and head massage with acupressure point work

A special facial massage treating all the tiny muscles of the face with the use of a gua sha stone. A Gua Sha stone is a small hand-held tool with a smooth edge used slowly and gently to improve lymphatic drainage, decrease tension in the muscles of the face, neck and shoulders. Beneficial for everyone, especially those who work at a screen for hours a day, wear glasses, experience tension headaches, have tightness around the jaw or TMJ.

40 mins € 40


Lomi lomi Hawaiian massage therapy (back / Full body)

Lomi lomi temple-style massage is truly healing on a deeper level. This traditional Hawaiian massage is about awakening the wisdom and connection within yourself and living a life of good health and happiness. This is a full body treatment that works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, allowing the recipient to relax and give in to the nurturing experience.

Lomi lomi works with the belief that memories are not just stored in the mind, but also in every cell of the human body. The long, continuous strokes of the massage are designed to help the body let go of its old behaviors and patterns, which can cause as much stresses as muscle tension.

                                                                              30/60 mins €45/65


Chair Indian head massage

This treatment is for the upper part of the body, the shoulders, upper arms, neck, head and face usually while the client is seated. This massage targets the areas where we hold most of our tension and stress. This treatment can be done over the clothes or alternatively with the use of oil on the skin.  Standard head massage is another option.

30 mins €45



Back massage

An essential treatment that focuses on the entire back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. This treatment addresses all the areas where we typically hold our stress and tension.  Ideal treatment for those who work in the same position for the majority of their day.

30 mins €45


Full body massage

This treatment works on the back, back and front of the legs, arms, chest and shoulders. The treatment can be tailored to the client’s wants and needs within the same time frame.

60 mins €65


Swedish massage (back / full body)

Swedish massage is both stimulating and soothing on the tissues. A combination of various movements from invigorating friction and percussion to gentle stroking. This treatment aims to manipulate the soft tissues, improve circulation, improves muscle tone, release tension and stiffness in tight muscles and improve relaxation.

30/60 mins €45/65


Aromatherapy massage with essential oils           

A full body massage using essential oils of the client’s choice to achieve their desired therapeutic effect. It is a gentle treatment that is deeply relaxing for your physical and psychological wellbeing. Essential oils enhance the experience and are so effective in creating that euphoric feeling.

60 mins €70


Post-Event massage including soft tissue release   

Aims at recovery treatment after exercise and has been shown to reduce Delayed Onset muscle soreness experienced after exercise and/or competition. Particularly important for those who strive to maintain a strong sports career. This massage treatment is tailored to the client’s specific areas of concern or generally on the back, legs and arms. Tight muscles will compromise the joints they surround. Soft tissue release is an effective technique which helps to release tension and helps to ‘unstick’ the soft tissues. Suitable for anyone with tight muscles.

50 mins €65

For booking and more information contact
Or text 086 894 6948