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In this three day Online Live training, you'll learn valuable Mindfulness tools to enhance your own well being & self care. On a professional level you'll gain new complementary insight, skills and techniques to your current practice, to support your clients in building resilience, and managing stress and anxiety, during the current Pandemic, and beyond.

Mindfulness is increasingly recognised as a valuable evidence-based intervention for Psychological and Emotional Wellbeing, and for Stress & Anxiety Management. It has increased exponentially in popularity in clinical and wellbeing settings over recent years.

Many medical professionals now recommend mindfulness to patients, for self-care and stress reduction. Mindfulness will undoubtedly have a huge role to play in helping clients build resilience, and supporting them with stress & anxiety management, over the coming years, and during the current Pandemic context.

Mindfulness involves continually returning your awareness to your present-moment stream of experience in a non-judgmental way. It also includes elements of psycho-education, enhancing awareness and mind-body connection.

Through simple practices, Mindfulness can be very helpful to people suffering loss, anxiety, stress, depression, and physical pain. It can also enhance the experience of living, and ameliorate wellbeing and a sense of connectedness, for those who are currently well. Mindfulness promotes, increases and maintains wellbeing, amongst those who use it regularly.

Participants in the course will learn a valuable life skill for their own self-care, in addition to an effective intervention to offer clients. Mindfulness interventions can be effectively delivered online and by phone, as-well as in face to face contexts.

Who is it for?

This three day Certificate Course, 'Mindfulness for Professionals', is designed for caring professionals across many different fields who would like to add mindfulness to the range of clinical interventions available to them. Additionally, it is ideal for those who would like to use mindfulness in their own lives.  As a Mind & Body, integrative practice, Mindfulness training will be a valuable addition to the skills set of Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Medical Practitioners including Nurses, General Practitioners, Hospice Staff, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists. It is also ideal for Yoga & Somatic teachers, complementary therapists, and professionals working in HR or residential settings such as Hospices and Prisons.

The course offers a valuable toolkit for both practitioner Self Care, and Supporting your client base in building resilience, coping, and managing their own stress and anxiety through challenging times.

A CPD Certificate will be provided for all professionals attending this course.

Please note this course does not qualify you as a Mindfulness or MBSR Teacher, it is a CPD add-on to your existing qualification.

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Course Overview & Content

This three-day course is interactive. It will held live on Zoom, a secure, online interactive platform.

In additional to the formal educational component, the course will largely comprise experiential elements of different Mindfulness techniques and practices, an opportunity to interact with other students and practice techniques. There will also be an opportunity to explore your questions and for feedback on your experience of the practice.

Notes, scripts for Meditations and Mindful practices and access to online recordings will be provided.

The History of Mindfulness

  • The Origins and Evolution of Mindfulness – from Eastern Spiritual Tradition to Western Science & MBSR

The Science of Mindfulness

  • Contemporary Neuroscience research indicating the benefits of Mindfulness.
  • Neuroplasticity - The Brain that changes itself
  • The Relaxation Response and the role of Mindfulness in accessing and activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy  - the interplay of thoughts/feelings/emotions.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation from MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy)
  • Formal and informal Mindfulness practices.

The Psychology of Mindfulness

  • How our Mind works and the role of thought in Mindfulness
  • The Mind-Body Feedback System
  • Understanding the Conscious and Unconscious Mind and how they interact in enhancing Mindfulness practice
  • Meta-Cognition – thinking about thinking
  • Mindfulness and Positive Psychology (including the study of Happiness)
  • Evidence-based practices from CBT to address negative thought patterns and rumination

The Practice of Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy  - the interplay of thoughts/feelings/emotions.
  • Mindfulness tools and Meditations from MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)
  • Formal and informal Mindfulness practices.
  • Making Mindfulness a way of life and a style of being
  • Mindfulness & Self Care

Integrating Mindfulness with your current Practice

  • The use of Mindfulness in Clinical Practice, Class & other Therapeutic Settings
  • Consideration of the scope and limitations of mindfulness as a therapeutic tool.
  • Mindfulness for the needs of unique individuals
  • Contra-indications of particular Mindfulness in certain conditions/cohorts
  • Current research re Mindfulness in Clinical Practice and across contexts
  • Mindfulness within your Clinical Practice: for Self & Clients


Course Dates, Booking & Payment:

Fee, including notes, scripts for Meditations and Mindful practices, access to online recordings and CPD certificate for completion of full course: €375.00. 21 CPD hours.

The course is currently scheduled on the dates alongside, and you can register on the links provided. Payment details to confirm your booking will be sent following registration.


About the Facilitator

This Course has been designed and is delivered by Yvonne Lucas. Yvonne is a Senior Clinical Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor, and an Advanced Yoga Teacher & Mindfulness Specialist. Yvonne completed a research thesis on the Psychological Benefits of Mindfulness for practitioners, as part her MSc. in Psychology in 2016, and a dissertation on the Synergies between Yoga & Psychotherapy, in 2019.

Yvonne has been successfully integrating Mindfulness within her busy Psychotherapy private practice since 2008, and running popular Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga classes, Workshops and Retreats since 2014.

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