Yoga & Meditation Classes

We offer a variety of Yoga classes and styles to cater for all ages, experience and levels of fitness and flexibility. Whether your preference is for a gentle, meditative and relaxing class, or a stronger more dynamic active class, we have something to suit you.

At the more gentle end of the Yoga & Meditation Greystones scale we offer Restorative Yoga or Gentle Yoga classes. For a more active or dynamic option, choose from Classic Hatha Yoga (ideal for beginners and improvers), Meditative Yoga Flow (a strong but hypnoytic mindful flow class) or Flow Yoga (for a strong and energetic flow).

For maximum benefit, all our classes include Pranyama (breath work) and Meditation.

Yoga & Meditation, Ongoing Class Schedule & Costs

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Benefits of our Yoga & Meditation Classes

Yoga & Meditation provides a route to healing for the body and the mind. All our classes offer a Mindfulness practice that is especially helpful in reducing stress and tiredness that results from the pressures of everyday life.

Yoga poses included in the class help to trigger the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) or the body’s ‘Relaxation Response’. Some of the reported benefits…

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